Why you should shred credit card applications

Most folks these days don't just pitch credit card applications in the recycling bin without destroying them in some manner, since they could be used by someone else to obtain a card in your name. However, it turns out that simply tearing apart the forms may not be enough of a deterrent. » 3/22/06 12:30pm 3/22/06 12:30pm

Download of the Day: Gizmo

Windows/Mac/Linux: Free program Gizmo makes phonecalls from your computer. Like Skype, calls to other computers are free whereas contacting a landline or cell phone carries a fee. Charges to U.S. numbers are extremely reasonable at 1c/minute. The cost of international calls varies. » 3/21/06 11:00am 3/21/06 11:00am

Megapixel Calculator computes file type sizes

The Megapixel Calculator displays how large an image file in different formats - from .tiff to .jpeg - will be based on specified dimensions and resolution. » 3/20/06 6:00pm 3/20/06 6:00pm

Travel tip: Use GMail as a file viewer

GMail s preview-
in-HTML feature is way helpful when you are limited to a machine without certain programs. Next time you find yourself in an Internet caf or hotel lobby that does not let you install programs, remember that GMail will let you preview all sorts of files that may otherwise be inaccessible to you on… » 3/19/06 6:00pm 3/19/06 6:00pm

Google acquires Writely, which service is next?

We told you about the online word-processing and sharing tool Writely back in September. Google recently announced its acquisition of the company. The good news is that this will likely mean increased functionality and support for the service. The bad news is that they have closed down the creation of new accounts… » 3/12/06 3:00pm 3/12/06 3:00pm

Guest Editor Signing Off

It was fun writing Lifehacker posts this past week. Thanks for reading and special thanks to those of you who kept the suggestions coming. I was not able to feature many of them but rest assured that Gina will see your notes as well. » 9/02/05 5:30pm 9/02/05 5:30pm

Reader Poll Results: Browser Homepage

In the reader poll yesterday, I asked what comes up first on your browser homepage. The most popular browser homepage among survey particants is a customized "My Home" page (24%) with a search engine a close second (23%). (The 7% of you who have not changed your browser settings likely also have such a page come up… » 9/02/05 5:18pm 9/02/05 5:18pm

Product Recommendations

Fellow Crooked Timber blogger Chris Bertram suggests the use of Google Sets for product recommendations. Enter movie or book titles, names of artists or games, or whatever else is of interest and get recommendations for what else you (or your gift recipients) may enjoy. » 9/02/05 3:41pm 9/02/05 3:41pm

Movies Books

Free Online Image-Editing

Creating Online offers a free online image editor. Load the image editor by clicking on the box in the upper right corner of the page. Upload your picture and you are ready to resize, crop, rotate, modify colors, insert text and more. » 9/02/05 1:49pm 9/02/05 1:49pm

Track Feeds with Kinja

Use Kinja beta to keep track of feeds on a very visually-appealing user-friendly interface. » 9/02/05 1:01pm 9/02/05 1:01pm

It is super easy to set up, I recommend giving it a try.